Abstract Submission

This year PRES will be held as a specialized international conference in the framework of CHISA. It is the seventh event in the series - Prague, Czech Republic (1996), Budapest, Hungary (1999), Prague, Czech Republic (2000), Florence, Italy (2001), Prague, Czech Republic (2002), Hamilton, Canada (2003).


  • Energy saving technology
  • CO2 - Kyoto Protocol, sequestration, minimisation
  • Combined heat & power
  • Heat exchangers as equipment and integrated items
  • Process integration for sustainable development
  • Integration of renewables and energy conversion technologies
  • Synthesis of new thermal processes - heat pumps, heat piping
  • Pulp & paper
  • Energy efficient drying technologies
  • Sustainable sugar production
  • Waste minimisation, processing and management
  • Thermal treatment of wastes including waste to energy
  • Batch processes
  • Dynamic, flexible and sustainable plant operation
  • Industrial & experimental studies
  • Industrial application & optimal design.
  • E-learning in Academia and Continuous Professional Development

The International Scientific Committee of PRES 2004 is soliciting Abstracts of papers for presentation at the 7th Conference on Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction. Acceptance of papers will be based on abstracts that are submitted in accordance with the instructions outlined below.

Contributions will be presented as keynote lectures, lectures, or posters. As lectures, preferably papers with a wider scope or importance should be submitted. Authors should indicate the preferred form of presentation but the Scientific Committee reserves the right to make a final decision. The Congress language is English.

Abstracts in the electronic form only are eligible for the submission:
  • preferably by web page using the interactive form available at www.chisa.cz/2004/Appl
  • or by e-mail to org@chisa.cz, copy to pres_2004@tiscali.co.uk using the MS-Word form downloadable here.
  • When you submit your abstract please remember fill in: I wish to present a:
      - lecture
      - poster
      - no preference
  • Please choose the type of paper you would like to present above:
    Suitable for: 10. PRES 2004

    If you do not specify this your contribution will not be registered for PRES 2004 and will not be eligible for the publication in special issues of the selected journals after the conference.
Hardcopy applications will not be accepted. Please, use only one of the channels for paper submission to avoid duplication in the database.

Summary which will be printed in the conference documents should:

The CHISA 2004 abstract submission deadline was 30 November 2004. As the previous PRES'03 was held in October 2003 only a special deadline for PRES 2004 was negotiated 31 January 2004. Please note that that deadline is final for all lectures. Posters can be submitted up to April 2004 in sole discretion of the International Scientific Committee of PRES 2004.